Panchakarma service

Panchakarma Service in Mohali

The ultimate mind-body cleanse – The Ayurvedic technique of Panchkarma uses five carefully designed
procedures to eliminate toxins in the body which result in detoxification and subsequent rejuvenation of
mind, body and spirit.

Along with flushing out toxins and body purification, our Panchakarma Services are also beneficial for
priming the body for further health benefits, strengthening of the immune system and resetting and
rebooting the body mechanism to bring back balance, healing and innate wellbeing.

From balancing Vata, Pitta and Kapha to removing disease causing toxins, boosting your immune system
to having better skin and weight loss too, The Panchakarma Treatment alleviates mental and physical
problems by going to the root cause of the disease. To know more about our Panchakarma treatments,
please call our Mohali Clinic.

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